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allART is a full spectrum Art Services company serviceing both the Southern California and South Florida ares. We are talented team of artists and art professionals, with the ability to assist you in all of your art-based needs. We are fully insured and skilled in installing, curating, transporting, stretcher bar and frame fabrication, and art restoration. We have worked for some of the world’s top private collections, museums, interior designers, and galleries. It is our goal to provide all of our clients with expert, museum-quality care for their treasured items.


From hanging a single photograph, to incorporating an entire fine art collection into a new institution, business, or living space, allART is dedicated to making it easy to integrate art and beautiful objects into any space.  Please contact us with any questions regarding the services we offer or any other visual art needs you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!



  • Art Installation & Packing

    Whether you are in need of museum quality installation, or just want to make sure your living space is hung with a professional eye , we can help. We service many of the

  • Mirrors, Sculptures, & Household Item Installation

    Installing mirrors, wall sculptures, and other household items can be tricky business. They are often heavy and fragile items, your safety is dependent on their correct

  • Custom built crates and Art Transport

    We offer custom built crates built to your specs. We also offer local transportation of fine art and objects within the L.A. area when it is involved in a larger


    We are happy to assist you on deciding where to put your art in a manner that best suits your environment. We have years of experience arranging and curating home and

  • Art Consulting, Curatorial Services

    We can assist you in sourcing everything from a single work of fine art to purchasing art for all kinds of office and design projects. Alternatively, we can help those

  • Custom Stretchers & Canvas Stretching

    Custom Stretchers & Canvas Stretching is available to spec. sizes. We can create circle, square, and rectangular stretchers. Our stretchers are built with poplar.

  • Custom Framing

    We make custom picture frames from various materials. Most all of our frames are handcrafted wood frames which are milled and shaped to your exact specifications. Then

  • Pedestal Fabrication

    Custom art pedestal fabrication is available. Reach out to us with your specifics and we will get back to you with a quote.

  • Collection Management

    We offer a comprehensive suite of art collection management services that include high resolution photographs, cursory condition reports, and inventory control. If your












There is a 3 hour minimum charge, plus travel time. All travel time is billable at our hourly rate. All hardware and materials are additional and subject to tax. allArt:LA services the greater Los Angeles area, and all of South Florida.

*Credit Cards and Paypal Accepted, billing fees may apply

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  • Lead Specialist

    $ 90
    per Hour
    • 1st  on site Professional
    • All hardware is additional
    • 3 Hour minimum billing
  • Second Specialist

    per Hour
    • 2nd on site Professional
    • All hardware is additional
    • 3 Hour minimum
  • Third Specialist

    $ 270
    per Hour
    • 3rd on site Professional
    • All hardware is additional
    • 3 Hour minimum



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    contact form is currently not working email Doug@allart.la

    mailing address: All Art LA, PO Box 1981, Los Angeles, CA 90078

    Contact info for South Florida inquires is the same. We service Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.


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    Will you come if I only have a few pictures?

    Yes, we provide service for small jobs within the central LA area with a 3 hour minimum charge.


    Can one person do the job?

    Yes, in most situations only one installer is required. However, installations of large, heavy, or awkward pieces may require two or more persons. As a rule, if it’s 48 inches+ in size and/or more than 50 pounds, two people will be needed. We are happy to consult with you to determine what is necessary for your situation. In some situations, if there is an able-bodied person available to help with the final hanging of larger piece, we can get it done with a single installer.


    Can dates be held & Cancellations?

    Yes, we can hold days free of charge up to 48 hours prior to install date, all cancellations after  48 hours are subject to a $150 cancellation fee per installer booked. For example, 2 installers cancelled would be $300 per day.

    How long will it take?

    If it’s straight forward picture-hanging, we can typically hang 3-5 works per hour, depending on size and complexity. Some situations call for hanging things very high, creating a gridded arrangement of work, or significant unpacking, all of which impact the speed at which the job can be done. Our team have to carefully evaluate hardware needs and accurately measure for each piece’s placement so that we can deliver a safe and quality installation.


    Are you available evenings and weekends?

    Yes, we can be available at any time, night or day. We have years of experience servicing art fairs, events, and parties and are happy to accommodate your scheduling needs. Please, contact us with your specific requirements and to discuss our off-hour rates.


    Can we hide the hardware?

    Yes, in typical installations the hardware sits behind the piece, is as flush to the wall as possible, and is not visible.  In instances where safety dictates the hardware must be visible we offer faux finishes and other creative solutions.


    Is there special earthquake hardware?

    Yes, there is special security hardware, as well as various installation methods we can use to give our clients extra peace-of-mind that their artwork will stay put. 


    Can you install other household items?

    Yes, if the item is attachable to a wall we can do it. We can install it all, from common household items to large mirrors, and even tv’s.

    POLICY :


    Is allArt:LA insured?

    Yes, allArt:LA and its installers are covered with proper liability insurances and workers comp.  Additional insurance can be purchased specialized for your job as needed.

    How are Cancellations handled?

    All cancellations within 48 hours of the start time are subject to a $150 cancellation fee per installer booked. For example, 2 installers cancelled would be $300 per day. Day of Cancellations are subject to the 3.5 hour minimum charge @ $90 per hour, per installer.

    Do you use condition reports?

    Yes, if we receive a piece that came with a condition report we are happy to go over the work and compare for any changes. We can fill out new condition reports upon request when delivering or receiving an object.


    Do you have a privacy policy ?

    Yes, we understand our clients’ needs for security and keep all of our dealings with your objects and property private.  We are comfortable with nondisclosure agreements, and do not share any of our clients’ personal or billing information, period.